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Suunnittelu Särmä is a full-service design agency based in Nokia that implements all processes of mechanics projects with a turnkey approach.

The backbone of our operations is our extremely wide-ranging expertise, which enables us to execute our clients' projects in a comprehensive
manner. We have excellent control over the device design, testing and
manufacturing processes.

The core team of our company has 20 years of product development experience and extensive expertise in various areas of technology
development. In addition, we collaborate with domestic top-level experts and are able to coordinate the specific expertise needed for each project in a cost-effective manner. We are a competent and reliable partner for companies in various fields throughout the country.

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Our projects are seamless entities

The core idea of our turnkey service is that mechanical projects can be implemented as straightforward, cost-effective and high quality as possible for the customer. We bring in multidisciplinary expertise that carries the project from start to finish – from concept creation to material
selection, from modeling to electronics integration and from demo devices to certification and manufacturing.

We also nurture customer oriented approach and understand that good communication skills are the foundation of a successful project. We strive to understand both the big picture as well as the small details from
the customer's point of view when planning each project. This ensures that all professionals working on the project have a common understanding of what goals are being pursued and what the customer's priorities are.

Our partner network includes top experts in areas such as industrial design, structural optimization and simulation, 3D printing, testing and certification. We coordinate the workflow into a seamless chain and ensure that it is always easy for our customers to get in touch with the right contact. This way even the major projects can be completed from the design phase to the finish without wasting time and money.

"Särmä has an excellent ability to control not only detailed mechanical design but also all related areas of device design, such as mechanical and electronics integration, industrial design, material and compliance management, and manufacturing processes."

- CEO Lasse Purma, Purmaconsulting Oy

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Särmä makes innovative ideas a reality

We are pleased to welcome challenging and innovative projects that enable us to showcase and develop our diverse know-how. So far, we have developed products from start to finish to meet the needs of industry and top-level sports coaches. In addition, we are involved in, for example, developing groundbreaking imaging and analysis technology and a sensor system for automotive environments.

We want to apply our expertise to support bold ideas. Of course, more traditional mechanics projects are also carried out efficiently. 

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