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Suunnittelu Särmä provides design services to companies all across Finland from Nokia.

We execute our clients' mechanics projects from start to finish with high quality and cost-effectively – from conception to modelling, from integration of mechanics into pre-kits and testing, from certification to manufacturing. We coordinate all necessary work and interim stages while respecting the customer's vision.

The turnkey approach is clear and cost effective

We are a full-service design firm that provides all the multidisciplinary expertise required for a project under one roof. We execute mechanical projects on a turnkey basis, which means that we coordinate and execute all necessary work on behalf of our clients based on careful joint planning. This way, the client does not have to stress over the work or contact many different parties after the project starts. Our turnkey business model is based on both our in-house expertise and our extensive partner network that covers a wide range of experts.

Our partner network includes top professionals in areas such as industrial design, structural optimization and simulation, machining, 3D printing, plastic mold manufacturing, assembly, electronics and antenna design, mechanical, material and reliability testing and regulatory approving.

We harness just the right people to projects at the right time. This eliminates the need for our clients to invest in the services of a number of dedicated experts, and the project is coordinated by a single point of contact who is easy to get in touch with.

Our working method has been optimized so that large and complex projects run from the customer's perspective as clearly and cost-effectively as possible. Särmä offers companies the easiest and most flexible way to do mechanics. You can check out our references here.

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Workflow examples

Each project is different, and projects are always individually tailored to the customer's perspective. However, most project workflows include the following steps:

Conceptualisation, design and choice of materials

Conceptualization is the process of turning ideas into a workable prototype, demo or product. Conceptualization focuses on the big picture and aims to find the best feasible solution. Practical considerations such as materials, manufacturing methods and design must be taken into account. At this point, we are working with the customer to think about alternatives that could help in reaching the goal.

If the product will feature surfaces and shapes visible to the end user, we will usually bring an industrial designer to the conceptualisation stage. Good design has a significant impact on the elegance and usability of the end product.

Design and modelling

In the design phase, concrete problems are solved in detail. During the design process, there are often issues that cannot be solved as thought in conceptualisation phase. In this case, we return briefly to the concept, find a new solution, and modify the concept to make it feasible.

The solutions chosen for the modelling are created in the CAD environment as a three-dimensional model, which in turn is made into CNC-machining or 3D printing paths for manufacturing. At this stage, the necessary dimensional drawings are also made for both manufacturing and quality control.

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Our values

Sustainability, ecology and domesticity are the core values of Suunnittelu Särmä. We encourage our customers to make sustainable decisions, for example, when choosing materials for their production. Our goal is to create durable devices that are made with smart materials and are a joy to watch – for the benefit of the customer and the environment.

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